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Our story

In late 2018, a partnership was formed between Warrick Masfen and Suzi Erit, daring to ask whether the coffee in my cup is perfect and how it can be achieved.


This question led to the founding of Specialty Coffee roasting brand Kungpow Coffee, which aims to provide a complete experience, from flavor to package design.

“We achieve this through our full dedication to our craft and our passion for the wonderful world of Specialty Coffee.”


We roast our coffees once a week every Monday, and on Tuesdays we take samples of each roast and do a cupping (Quality Control) before putting it on sale. This process ensures that we maintain the level of excellence we want to achieve. All our production processes,  It is supervised by SCA Turkey Roasting Champion Warrick Masfen (2019/20 - 2020/21) and by Suzi Erit, who is responsible for Cupping Quality Control.

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